Mercell Holdings (the company) seeks to create sustained shareholder value and respect the company’s various stakeholders. Stakeholders include its shareholders, employees, business partners, society in general and authorities. The company is committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance.

Mercell Holding is incorporated and registered in Norway and subject to Norwegian law. The company’s shares are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. As an issuer of shares, the company must comply with rules applicable for companies with shares listed on Oslo Stock Exchange.

The company is not subject to the Corporate Governance Code, but Mercell intends to implement the recommendations of the NUES Corporate Governance Code over time.

View the company’s Articles of Associations and minutes from our Annual General Meetings. You can also read our policies and guidelines, IR and code of conduct.

IR policy

Mercell’s overall investor relations objective is to ensure effective and efficient two-way communication with capital markets stakeholders. The investors relations function shall strive for an open dialogue with the public and provide accurate and timely information to form the best possible basis for the valuation of the Mercell share.

Read more about our IR policy below:

Mercell shall follow the framework provided by the Norwegian Securities Trading Act, the Norwegian Accounting Act, the Public Limited Liability Companies Act and Oslo Børs’s rules for continuing obligations for issuers of listed bonds.

Mercell shall follow relevant recommendations and market practices for reporting financial and other investor information including the "Oslo Børs’ Code of Practice for IR”.

Mercell communication with the capital markets shall be based on transparency and fulfil the requirement of treating all market participants equally when it comes to access to information.

To ensure accessibility, transparency, compliance and outreach to and for all stakeholders, a well-functioning and compliant Investor Relation website (IR web) is a high priority in Mercell.

Relevant information regarding the pricing of the Mercell’s securities shall be published on the company’s website, as well as through the official distribution channels of Oslo Børs.

Mercell integrates stock exchange releases, press releases, reports and presentations and general meeting documents with its IR web and will offer a subscription alternative for Mercell’s investors through the home page for such documents.

Mercell shall strive to integrate digital solutions to increase the quality and efficiency of the IR activities. Social media is used selectively to support overall IR strategy and to deliver capital market story to relevant stakeholders.

Mercell holds regular meetings with analysts, investors, journalists and employees, but all material new information is first communicated to the stock exchange and published on Mercell’s home page.

Mercell does not provide guidance on total financial results, but Mercell may communicate guidance and/or targets for discrete activity areas.

Mercell sees good corporate governance – with a clear distribution of roles and responsibility between the owners, the Board and executive personnel – as crucial to achieve its objectives. In line with the same principle, Mercell shall as part of the annual report provide a “Report on Corporate Governance”. This report will also be made available on Mercell’s home page.

Mercell will on an annual basis describe the sustainability challenges and opportunities related to the business. The purpose is to provide Mercell’s stakeholders, including existing and potential shareholders, customers and employees, with balanced information about the company's sustainability exposure and responsiveness.

Mercell’s spokespersons for investor communication are the CEO and the CFO. The company will strive to promote other members of the Executive Management Team for the capital market. However, such contact shall be accompanied by the CEO or the CFO.